Complete-Strength Mega Pack

The Complete-Strength Mega Pack

5 ebooks and 2 strength reports. That will send your strength and fitness through the roof!

ABSolute Core - The Manual for Developing Unreal Core Strength. Valued $24.95

Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts - 33 kettlebell & bodyweight programs and 8 week program. Valued $27.00

Body Fat Annihilation - A stand alone method to target hard to rid body fat. THAT WORKS! Valued $24.95

Renegade Cardio - Get superior fitness and conditioning with the classic book that started it all. Valued $10.95

The Secrets of the Super Strong - Incorporate these little known techniques into your training and you will be setting new records in no time. This is the same program I teach in my 3 hour workshops! Valued $27.00

+2 Free reports

The 3-5 Method - A simplistic guide that contains all the knowledge to get you very, very strong and The Road to the One-Arm Push-up learn the way to achieve a pinnacle strength bodyweight skill.

+ Bonus Kettlebell Workshop Guide -

The guide covers the execution of the following exercises
The Swing
Turkish Getup
The Clean
The Snatch
Military Press
Windmill and the Kettlebell Front Squat ...

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